After attending Brook's Institute of Photography, Garon Kiesel worked in Los Angeles and San Diego for nearly 20 years as a commercial and fine art photographer. In 2007 he met Janet Foulger and moved to Thousand Oaks California where he and Janet are now married and live with their son Bryce. Garon is currently spiting his time and career between photography and real estate.

Print & Book Purchasing


All black and white images are printed on toned gelatin silver paper in editions of 7 signed copies. Color prints are made in editions of 12 on chromogenic paper. Please visit the contact page for pricing and availability.


"I Didn't Picture This" was printed in an edition of 50 copies. Please call or email for pricing and availability.


Images may be licensed on an individual basis only through expressed written consent from Garon Kiesel. Please contact for further details.

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